Hemp seeds are a healthy ingredient

Hemp is a gift of nature for us to benefit from

Hemp is ancient and versatile: whether consumed as seeds, flour or oil, hemp is a healthy addition to everyone’s diet. Its seeds enhance our simplest recipes with their pleasant and nutty flavour. It is also used to formulate cosmetics and to weave comfortable fabrics, among many other applications.
Hemp is a rustic plant with rapid growth, requiring little sun or water. It is admirably adapted to organic farming practices.

Hemp has been cultivated and processed since time immemorial

Hemp is one of the earliest plants cultivated by humanity. It was already widespread by 8,000 years BC. The Chinese used it to manufacture fabrics and paper. For its nobility, the clothes of kings and dignitaries were often made of hemp. The Gutenberg Bible is believed to have been printed on hemp-based paper. In France, during the early centuries AD, hemp was used in the manufacturing of clothes, ropes and even ship sails, because hemp shives (stem fibre) are extremely resistant. Over time, they would be incorporated into insulation materials and even mortar. Today, hemp is used in animal feed, biofuel production, farm animal bedding, military clothes, banknotes, paints, coatings and composite materials, to reduce the use of plastic.


Hemp seeds are a remarkable source of protein (higher than chia or flax seeds), minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc, vitamins C, E, A, B1-2-3-6-9, fibre and amino acids. They are a known antioxidant which efficiently neutralizes free radicals. Their omega-3 and 6 content is superior and the perfect balance between these two fatty acids contributes to the lowering of cholesterol. They are excellent in muffins, cookies, cakes, smoothies and sprinkled on salads or morning cereals.

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Hemp flour is naturally gluten-free. It may be added to any pastry and bread flour mix.


Hemp loses some of its protein content when processed into a plant-based beverage. Still, it is thirst-quenching and delicious!

Hemp milk” recipe from Cuisine l’Angélique. This rich drink is prepared quickly and does not require soaking or filtering. A fast and easy way to get acquainted with homemade plant-based beverages!


Hemp oil is often used in cosmetics for its moisturizing, firming and regenerating properties. It is a dry oil which is rich in vitamin E and penetrates quickly. It can also be effective in soothing the skin after sunburns.

Hemp vs Cannabis

While cannabis comes to mind when the word hemp is uttered, there is an important nuance. Although hemp and cannabis plants look similar and belong to the same family (Cannabaceae), hemp contains a negligible amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychotropic element of cannabis. These two plants should not be confused regarding their potential “side” effects.

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