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Developing gluten-free and dairy-free bread recipes

It all started in 2006, when one of Caroline and Guy’s children was diagnosed with gluten and casein intolerance. Refusing to compromise, Caroline spent long hours developing gluten-free and dairy-free bread recipes. Even with dietary restrictions, bread was the last thing that would disappear from her table!


The success of gluten-free bread

By 2008, their family was enjoying delicious and nutritious homemade gluten-free and dairy-free bread.  It was not long before Caroline and Guy decided to share this breakthrough with the gluten-free community: Cuisine L’Angélique was established, offering a full line of organic, gluten-free and dairy-free products: delicious breads, muffins and baking mixes for everyone to enjoy. A purely divine treat!

Les propriétaires de Cuisine l'Angélique


Cuisine L’Angélique was founded

By 2010, Cuisine L’Angélique was founded by Caroline Roy and Guy Letendre. Located in the pristine Eastern Townships of Québec, 1h30 east of Montreal,

Les propriétaires de Cuisine l'Angélique

Distinctions and prizes

In 2010, our product line won its first major awards: winner of the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest at the provincial level, bio-food category, as well as the CTAC Innovation Award. These very first distinctions demonstrate to everyone the superior quality of our products and thereby recognize our mission to offer products with high nutritional value. Several other prizes and distinctions will be awarded to us in the following years. (LEARN MORE).

Prix et distinction de Cuisine l'Angélique

More Points of Sale

Very quickly, our products are so popular that they are found in a wide variety of health food stores and large banners, for the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. It is now easy to find Angelique Cuisine products in more than 700 outlets. (See Points of Sale)

Nombreux points de vente

Online Store

Cuisine l'Angélique then launched its online store, which offers a range of dry products and books. This new service meets the needs of distant customers, including European countries that do not have sales outlets nearby.

Online Store Cuisine l'Angélique


Bulk for the environment

Then, in 2018, in an environmental effort, Cuisine l'Angélique launched its range of bulk products exclusive to its online store.

Bulk on our online store


Cuisine l'Angélique is now a leader in the world of organic and gluten-free baking products.

We pursue our mission to help manage dietary restrictions, without compromising on the pleasure of good eats.

Our La Merveilleuse All-Purpose Flour Mix is now available in a rice-free version and, for sensitive stomachs, in a low-FODMAP version.

The reputation and distribution of our products continues to expand across Québec and elsewhere in Canada.

Notre gamme de produits de boulangerie et pâtiesserie sans gluten