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"Just a word to say “thank you” for your products, recipes, books, and videos. I can now bake perfect homemade bread. Today I made baguettes. It was a total success. I made myself a good sandwich such as I hadn't eaten in a year.”

- Louise

"I make bread using your bread maker recipe every day. My children tell me it's much better than the wheat bread I used to buy at the grocery store. Thanks to you, my 7-year-old son who is allergic to eggs, ate French toast for the first time in his life... he loved it so much!”

- Isabelle

"Your all-purpose gluten-free flour is FANTASTIC!!! I love it! It makes extraordinary waffles, super light and tasty! The pancakes are golden and crispy on the edges, just the way I like them! We don't suffer from any intolerance or allergy, but for our health, we made the choice of a gluten-free diet and, thanks to you, it was easy.“

-Anne, Sherbrooke

“I devour your two books regularly, your recipes are delicious! And your choco-raspberry muffins leave me speechless.”

- Caroline, Mont-Tremblant

"Your videos, cookbooks and products have made my life a lot easier. Suddenly, eating gluten-free and casein-free became easy and tasty. Every recipe is a success and the whole family loves it.“

- Isabelle

“Ever since buying your flour and your two cookbooks, I haven’t stopped trying your recipes. I’ve just discovered that I can make a pie crust! Do you realize, it’s been 11 years since I’ve had apple pie. Wow! So good!”

- Julie

"I bought one of your cookbooks and made your poppy and lemon muffins. Every time I take a bite, I revel in their aroma and their tenderness... Simply divine.‘‘

- Carole

“I tried the bread recipe for traditional oven baking, a winner, finally bread that tastes like bread!”

- Lucie

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