Cuisine L’Angélique’s Waffle and Pancake Mix is the number one pick of L’Épicerie.

Mélange à Gaufres et Crêpes de Cuisine L’Angélique est désigné 1er CHOIX de L’Épicerie

March 1, 2023: Radio-Canada’s L’Épicerie show – pancake mix review.

In this episode, students from the Montérégie Culinary School and nutritionist Judith Blucheau review some thirty pancake mixes available on the market.

Cuisine L’Angélique’s Waffle and Pancake Mix is selected as the NUMBER ONE PICK in the gluten-free category for the quality of its ingredients: ancient whole grains, no added sugar and source of Omega-3.

Once again, Cuisine L’Angélique stands out for the superior quality of its products!

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