The many benefits of Coconut

Raw coconut meat is juicy and delicious. It is consumed in many ways: the meat can be cut into large pieces, grated, processed into milk, oil, butter, flour and sugar. All may be incorporated into a variety of recipes, including snacks. Its refreshing water is energising.

It is a good source of healthy fat (medium-chain triglycerides), protein, fibre, vitamin B, and minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, zinc, selenium).

Because coconut meat is rich in polyphenols, selenium and zinc, it is recognized for its antioxidant qualities. It is also a high source of fibre. Its saturated fat content is very high: it should therefore be consumed in reasonable quantities.

Coconut water: an oasis for athletes

Coconut water is mild and so hydrating it quenches thirst instantly! It is low in calories (45 per cup), and a good source of potassium: 600 mg per cup, 175 mg more than a medium-sized banana. It is a good source of electrolytes for athletes. However, it does not provide enough sodium to replenish the body’s needs after significant physical activity.

A source of beauty

Coconut is also a natural skincare ingredient and is found in various body and face creams.

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