A gluten-free modeling clay recipe? Why is that ?

When a person learns to exclude gluten for health reasons, the first instinct is of course to go through all the ingredients in the diet to eliminate those containing gluten. But did you know that traditional plasticine is made from wheat flour? And that toddlers with celiac disease risk compromising their health by playing with play dough?

This is why Cuisine L’Angélique offers a homemade gluten-free modeling clay recipe:

When children have fun creating beautiful plasticine figures, they are likely to bite their head or an arm at some point, because toddlers tend to put everything in their mouth, right?
Sometimes, simple skin contact is enough for an allergic reaction.

So, if a child is allergic to gluten and the ingredients in play dough contain it, there could be unpleasant reactions.

Whether in daycare, kindergarten or even at home, gluten-free modeling clay can be an advantageous solution to help avoid all the possible complications related to this allergy which is now diagnosed more and more early and which affects more young people than you think.

Children can have fun in a safe way and admire their beautiful creations without worry.