Client testimonials

“Bread in the bread machine! La Merveilleuse flour!! Ah, bread...ever since going gluten-free my biggest challenge had been bread, up until discovering the Cuisine l'Angélique website and its magnificent creator Caroline. I got myself a bread machine on kijiji (sure, you can make bread by hand and in the oven, but I’ve got to say that weeknights, I really appreciate being able to toss the ingredients into the machine and then 3 hours later, it’s all ready), a thermometer and a scale and now what seemed so sad has turned into a wonderful adventure.

I first did the basic bread for bread machines (from the website with video and tips) which was an instant success. Next, with the help of Cuisine l'Angélique, we’ve created a “whiter” white bread that is so delicious and that you can keep on the counter for 48 hours before putting in the fridge and that toasts beautifully (bye bye, frozen bread!!!). I wish you as much happiness making bread as I have!

- Lyne (photos : Jean-Marie Laflamme)

Pain blanc sans gluten

"I want to thank you warmly for your cookbook. I am so happy to finally be able to cook desserts without casein and gluten, healthy for our family, and that have a consistency comparable to whole wheat products. I managed for the first time a gluten-free bread thanks to your precious advice from your cookbook. Unfortunately, my nine-year-old boy who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 23 months rarely wants to taste the desserts I make. But as with everything, one day he will taste it. On the other hand, he loves two pancake recipes from your book. I also made pork pie and lentils that he loved. Truly, buying your cookbook was the greatest gift I gave myself for Christmas. Thank you!”
- Louise

"Thank you for your excellent products. I have been eating gluten-free for many years and I can tell you that your flours and gluten-free recipes for breads and pastries are by far the best. Thank you also for all your vegan recipes. Finding a good gluten-free, hypotoxic and vegan bread was not something possible before I knew your products. Now my family and I enjoy every day the good homemade bread made with your recipes and your flour La Merveilleuse."
- Suzanne

"I just want to say that I admire you for everything you do for those of us who have celiac disease. Thanks to people like you, who generously share their experiences, I am slowly learning to tame this disease and it is much easier when I can listen to and follow your advice. Your energy and joie de vivre are an example for me and help me dedramatize this disease. Your recipes are wonderful and so easy to make... Ever since watching your videos, I am able to eat good bread thanks to your La Merveilleuse flour and your delicious bread mixes. After watching one of your videos, I can start making egg rolls again and enjoy the good taste. Once again thank you for so much generosity on your part. Your products are great, and I keep talking about them.”

“I used your cookie mix, and chose the chocolate-banana version. So nice, so easy! Step 6 of the instructions says to use “a” cookie sheet, what a surprise, your mix made enough for 2 cookie sheets. That’s 30 cookies using a 18/8 ice cream scoop. We’re going to feast! Thank you for your wonderful products.”
- Louise

Photo de biscuits sans gluten. Recette réalisée par une cliente de Cuisine l'Angélique

"I'm in love with your cookbook and whatever I try is excellent. What satisfaction to cook with healthy ingredients and discover new products! Health without sacrificing taste is wonderful."
- Francine

"L’Angélique products are a must because they have been designed with love and with very high quality ingredients. It tastes like happiness!!”
- Marie

“I have been practicing naturopathy for 20 years now and, like all naturopaths, I seek quality foods to propose to my clientele. That’s why it’s such joy to have discovered the good taste and great nutritional value of the products made by Caroline and Guy from Cuisine L’Angélique. These days, and for all sorts of reasons, more and more people young or old can no longer consume gluten that’s found in some grains like wheat. Others have an intolerance to the casein found in dairy products. And some can’t have either. The breads, muffins, waffles, and in fact all the products from Cuisine l’Angélique taste amazingly good. Meals again become moments of true pleasure. I wholly recommend them to you, especially knowing these products are made conscientiously, with art and love!”
- Céline Arsenault, ND.A.

Author of several books, such as:

  • Caring for my child
  • Welcoming my child naturally
  • My child’s balanced nervous system

“Hello! I made bread using La Merveilleuse this morning! The result is extraordinary! And I’ve got a happy young man who finds this bread not only beautiful, but tasty and with great texture! Many thanks, Caroline, for having shared your savoir-faire and your recipes in this wonderful book that explains so well and with so many details! Thanks to you, Mathis can now enjoy great homemade bread made by his mom! I wish you a lovely day!"
- Anik and Mathis xx

"A pure wonder, this Christmas log! It will not only be present during the holiday season, but throughout the year. I never thought I'd be able to roll a gluten-free cake. Thank you for giving us these good recipes!”
- France

Testimonial published on the website of Jacqueline Lagacé, author of:
-  How I beat pain and inflammation
-  Cooking to beat pain and inflammation

Livres de Jacqueline Lagacé

“Madame Lagacé, today I’d like to share a beautiful discovery with you: gluten-free, all-purpose flour from Cuisine l’Angélique. As I and my three children are gluten-intolerant, this all-purpose flour brightens our every day. I’m finally able to take out my old recipes with the same measurements and the result is identical (soft) and does not have that gluten-free taste (finally). A pure treat every time! And no one ever suspects it’s gluten-free. We did many tests with my children’s friends. A quick visit to her website will charm you. Such a passionate and hardworking woman! At last! It is now possible to eat gluten-free, but healthy and delicious! I wish you a wonderful day!”
- Marie-Josée Belleau

It was meat pie day using your Merveilleuse recipe for pie crust and the good news is that it came out perfectly. And plus now we have extra pie crusts for the next round.

It makes me happy to be able to share my success story with you. Thank you again for your precious help, tips and products.”

Photo d'une pâte à tarte sans gluten réalisée par une cliente de Cuisine l'Angélique

A note of thanks. For your products, your recipes, your books, your videos. I now have perfected the traditional basic bread. Last week I tried making meat pies from Vol. 2 (coconut oil). My VERY difficult husband said he couldn’t tell the difference from meat pies he’s eaten before. Yeah! Today I made baguettes. Total success. I made myself a great sandwich, the kind I haven’t eaten in a year. (Yes, it’s been one year this month that I officially learned what my food intolerances were.) I also tried some of your other recipes from your books (cookies, sauces, etc.) and I’ll surely make even more. You have always gotten me out of jams by email just when I most needed it. Thank you for your generosity, your research both in your company and your kitchen. You make my life easier.”
- Louise, St-Marc-des-Carrières

“Today I tried your pizza crust, truly easy to make, thanks to you!”
- Guylaine

Photo d'une pâte à pizza sans gluten. Recette réalisée par une cliente de Cuisine l'Angélique

"I have a 7-year-old daughter who has intolerances to soy, gluten, beef and veal and dairy products. My husband and I have intolerances to dairy products and I also have intolerances to gluten. It's a real headache to cook gluten-free given the price, the bad taste of the products, the phenomenal amount of sugar and salt in the products sold on the market besides the majority contain soy and/or dairy products. But what a joy! We just discovered your "wonderful" flour. The name is well chosen!! It's a marvel in terms of taste, ease of cooking, quality, a thousand thanks!! We also bought your bread "Le Granola." Wow, it is frankly delicious! I'm from Mascouche which really lacks your products. We've got to bring some in, we want it! We want them all!!! I am an osteopath and I talk about your products extensively and I have not finished talking about it! I just bought your cookbook and I intend to try ALL the recipes! Thank you for working hard to make such good products and do not stop inventing and producing them. You are so helpful to people like me who suffer from intolerances. Many thanks again!”
- Carolyne, Mascouche

"I attacked the cookbook! Blueberry Muffins were tasty, The Pure Almond-Cranberry Delight Cake, the Fluffy Chocolate Cookies, the Soft and Sweet Honey Cake but... these molasses cookies are divine!!! Thank you, thank you.”
- Lucie

"I made my bread with my Black and Decker 1561 bread machine! My husband is delighted with the taste, texture, and tenderness. Thank you for your instructions, they are very valuable to me. You're like the bible for celiac patients. Above all, I want to thank you for your great dedication and generous advice. I often use your recipes and they never disappoint me.”
- Madeleine

Pain sans gluten réalisé à la machine à pain par une cliente de Cuisine l'Angélique

"It's amazing because many of your recipes are similar to my grandmother's recipes that...were lost to everyone in the family when she died. Thanks to you, my children will be able to enjoy the same memories I had. Your new book gives me the courage to try new recipes since all the carbohydrate calculation is there for my diabetic son. What joy!! I wish you a beautiful day, and, really, congratulations again!”
- Valérie

“I wanted to tell you that I made your bread and it was the best of any and all breads that I’ve bought or tried to make. For me, you take the prize for the best bread in the world and with your online course, I learned so much. So a big thank you for making our life easier with your La Merveilleuse flour thank you thank you thank you!”
- Lynda

"I got a perfect result on the first try with the Le Campagnard mix. Easy, economical (no failed product) tasty and succulent. The pleasure of a fresh bread with soft crumbs and crunchy crust. ‘‘
- Agathe

"First of all, I want to say THANK YOU! What a pleasant surprise to find a fluffy gluten-free cake like my mother used to make! The Divine Chocolate Cake mix is now a must in my family and everyone loves it!”
- Mélissa

“Congratulations on your bread that was highlighted on L'Épicerie de SRC, beating out other gluten-free breads for your level of fibre. Thank you for the help and encouragement that you bring to so many of these people who often feel so alone with their food intolerances and allergies. I wish you continued success in all your endeavors.”
- Marie-Paule

"I've made many of your recipes, but the family's favorite is the vegan mini brownies! It's all about fire! They are so fluffy and succulent! Thank you!!”
- Geneviève

“I’m just starting the gluten-free, dairy-free diet. I would like to give my thanks for all the information available in your videos on breadmaking. It helps us understand the different aspects of getting the bread right. I appreciate all the recipes you put on your site. I can’t wait to buy your flours and give them a try. You are a great help.”
- Laurent

"Thanks to you, my seven-year-old son allergic to eggs ate Golden Bread for the first time in his life. He loved it! I was moved! A big thank you for everything.”
- Isabelle

“I’d like to point out just how much your products, namely your La Merveilleuse flour, make my life so much easier and brighten my meals these past seven years. I like your natural ingredients, the explanations and the nutritional information in your books as well as the many options you propose. Also, my father, who suffers from a degenerative disease affecting his whole neuromuscular system, lights up when I show up with your lemon waffles, your crepes, your traditional cretons, your brown sauce, Grandma Rose’s meatloaf, your cranberry maple sauce, your maple-caramelised apple bread pudding, and so many others! He takes in the aroma of each dish and savors every bite we give him. Among the few words he emits, my father names your dishes and your name, because he knows who you are. I introduced him to your site and your books. My family and I say THANK YOU, for these precious moments you bring him!”
- Christiane

“I’ve been making your bread for three months. It is so good. My husband eats it, too, and he’s not gluten intolerant. He finds it better than what he usually has.”
- Katia

“I must tell you that I made your Grandma Rose’s molasses cookies and wow! Finally, I have found the recipe! They’re so good, you really have to take the time to savor them, because otherwise you’d eat them all up in one go.”
- Nancy

“Hello, with your flour, here are some of my results. Regarding the maple cake, my daughter said it’s the best cake I’ve ever made. For the layer cake, I used your genoise recipe (from your cookbook). My husband’s comment: “at last a good gluten-free genoise, what a treat.” In the picture are burger buns, first time and they’re super. For bread, we got a bread machine, and I make bread every other day. Honestly, with your videos, I’ve learned loads of tricks that I can apply to other recipes. Thank you very much.”

Plusieurs recettes sans gluten réalisées par une cliente de Cuisine l'Angélique